Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery

Place: Central Texas

Period: circa 1917/1918 (WWI/Prohibition/Drought)

Armistice rumors plus enforced moral prohibitions are purportedly ushering in a more patriotic thus prosperous and pure era for drought-ridden Christianville. But here, deep in Texico’s darkest heart, very bad intentions are crackling through this stifling conformist atmosphere. Alas Lieutenant Race Maximus Freeborn is a contradictory bundle. Depending on whom you ask, either his brittle ego just loves hearing his own voice or he’s a curt maverick bolstered by fierce ideals. Whatever the case, he discovers his best friend, a reporter, was just murdered. Soon he’s up to his neck with malevolent intrigue.

Letting the chips fall wherever they may, any adverse personal ramifications be damned, he learns each suspect’s tripping over their own ambition in the power vacuum Mayor Old Man Christian’s death created. To solve this nefarious mystery, Freeborn must disrupt collective order. Along the way he acquires an ally in the wondrous Manda. Of course plot complications abound! More bodies drop dead! Accomplishing their mission requires them to ingeniously surmount all obstacles and escape many dangerous situations. Their dogged tenacity unhinges Christianville. And heaven-lashed pandemonium ensues as all those deserving suffer the necessary consequences for their hypocritical actions.

Derived from original documents, anecdotal folklore and WWI Period journalism from Central Texas, Bloody Big Dry Blues is meticulously researched as well as relevant to today’s marketplace.

State: unpublished; 77,000 word manuscript complete