Subduing Silhouettes along Wilbarger Creek

In the scene previous to what follows, Lieutenant Freeborn creates a surreal scene of devastation. Leaving it behind,  through a downpour he

“doubles back toward Christianville. He avoids all roads, instead following overflowing watersheds and at times fighting through overgrowth. Whenever possible he breaks into a tireless lope. Soon he starts coming across sentries. Arranged in a pattern radiating from some locus, they remain nothing more than menacing silhouettes. One by one he either soundlessly subdues then trusses or makes a racket to lure them elsewhere before melting away, leaving gun-popping confusion in his wake. Quickly darting through labyrinthine shadows, between trees and across meadows; now canvassing this suburban streetscape as it sprawls ahead. His methodical progress slows as he hones in on his prey. You know it’s only a matter of time.”

The action above occurs along Wilbarger Creek, which during the day looks like this at ground-level:




It’s named after Josiah Wilbarger, who was scalped in this general vicinity.



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