Darkness Reigns over Camino Reales

In Chapter 28, Lieutenant Race Maximus Freeborn finds himself in all sorts of trouble with Sheriff Irk McLirk and his muscle-bound goons. So much so that it would be as good a time as any to end the story! But rest assured, for our main character somehow perseveres through this ordeal (dialogue not included):

“Their driver cuts a hard left over both railroad tracks plus the county line. Then without any braking he swerves right onto another road. It’s in even worse shape than the last one. Soon after entering wilderness, at the end of this long forgotten cattle trail, they skid to an abrupt stop, stirring up a lot of dust. This doesn’t portend much fun. Hands drag Freeborn from the vehicle. Tremendous blows from behind knock him down. Boots all around calibrate to inflict maximum punishment. It seems like forever. Somehow he endures. Deeming him suitably crushed, they hop in their patrol cars and peel away, leaving him covered by a cloud of dust…

“Implacable darkness reigns over all. The dust settles. Various nocturnal predators start skittering about. Concussed but never losing consciousness, his vision an ever widening gyre behind his unopened eyes, for quite some time our main character’s body lays there curled in a ball when it’s not writhing. His head thrums. His torso aches. His arms and legs throb. Heck, just by watching him you almost hurt, too.

Poor thing. If there was any moonlight that evening, the scenery would look like:

overgrown-trailThis overgrown cattle trail may very well be an offshoot of a Camino Real. These are routes the Spanish blazed during their exploration and settlement of what is now known as Texas. They served to link together their Catholic mission beachheads” in the so-called “new world.” The location is Eastern Travis County, a bit west of the Bastrop County line, as indicated by the neon green dot on this map:

camino-real_ink_liThat’s all for now. Good day.


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